Our mission is achieving equity for all women in the workplace.


Make A Difference Today

Join BPW/FL and make a difference in your life, your business and your community. As a group we are all stronger. We can accomplish more with the support of fellow members.

Diverse Membership

We have members from many fields and in every phase. From brand new startups to experienced veterans with decades of experience. We all work together to make each member stronger making the group stronger.


Speakers, Seminars, Workshops, Mentoring, Fundraising, at the local and state level throughout the year.


Equality for all, pay equity, safe workplaces, women’s health care needs, environment concerns, candidates who support equity for working women

Our Local Organizations (LO) and Membership

If there is not an LO in your area, you can still join.  Do you have a group in your area where there isn’t an LO?  Talk to us about starting one!


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Local Organizations

What We Do

Our mission is achieving equity for all women in the workplace. Through BPW you can make the right connections and advance in your career.


Connect with other motivated working women, network professionally, share contacts, and exchange information to enhance your business through local programs, as well as within the state of Florida and nationally.

Personal Development

Supporting each other is how we accomplish everything we do. Growing, expanding and trying new things is always better when you do it with others.

Political Awareness

Participate in a wide range of activities and grassroots efforts to raise awareness of issues affecting working women at local, state, and national levels.

Professional Development

Attend workshops and programs designed to enhance professional skills and leadership abilities, such as Individual Development, Women in Transition, Young Careerist, and the BPW/FL Leadership Institute.


Special events are held throughout the year to raise funds for local charitable events and other causes relevant to working women.


Assist women through scholarships to further formal education at the local level and through BPW/FL’s Education Foundation.

Education Foundation of BPW/FL

Help us give women an opportunity to pursue higher learning.
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You Belong, Be A Part of Something Bigger

Our 100th Anniversary in 2019 was a grand event celebrating the achievements of women all over Florida. 2020 would have been our 100th Annual State Conference, coinciding with the 100th year of women voting but then Covid-19 struck, so it was an annual meeting but not a state conference.  So instead we celebrated our 100th Annual State Conference this year, 2021.