Spring 2023 Women In Transition event



MAY 10, 2023, 6:00 – 7:00 pm, VIA ZOOM


The forces creating transitions for working women are:

  • Life-cycle induced transitions are the result of the changing expectations and responsibilities adults experience as they move through their life-cycle such as becoming a parent, taking care of an elderly or ill relative, becoming divorced or widowed, or achieving a personal growth goal
  • Career-focused transitions occur as individuals move along the continuum of their career—requiring and/or wanting new skills and experiences that can enhance their careers and employability
  • Market or workplace-induced transitions are precipitated by changes in the market or in the workplace and put pressure on both employers and employees to adapt, such as organizations moving or downsizing or closing


This spring BPW/FL will be exploring successfully negotiating life-cycle induced transitions, with BPW/FL members who have experienced different transitions sharing their experiences and wisdom:

Jill Kuehnert, BPW/Upper Keys, went to live in Singapore in 2003 where she met her husband and ended up staying more than 10 years. When the time came to finally leave Asia, they decided pretty quickly to relocate to south Florida as the only place in the continental US where they can stay warm and dive year-round! Jill has worked in public and government affairs as well as scientific communications.


Stephanie Marcusky, BPW/Englewood-Venice, is a wife and mother of two children, both diagnosed with ADHD. She herself was diagnosed at 43 with ADHD, although she was unofficially diagnosed earlier, and afraid of what it meant. Steph cycled through multiple jobs in construction before finding her true calling in “authentic growth coaching.”



Kristin SmithKristin Smith, BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas, has been married, had a child, widowed, remarried, divorced, engaged and now has stepchildren along with handling all the tasks associated with aging parents. Kristin has been a wealth manager with Raymond James & Associates for more than 25 years.

The panel will be moderated by Michele Cavallo, BPW/FL President-Elect, BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas. Michele is married and has four sisters who live nearby but has lost both parents and her mother-in-law. She has been employed by Duke Energy for 33 years.