Individual Development

The Individual Development Program, begun in the late 1960’s, was developed to provide our officers and future leaders with public speaking and presentation skills. The program was an intensive course of study and practice sessions. It has evolved today into a flexible program that can be molded to the needs of the participants.


The first part of the ID program contains 18 modules with topics including but not limited to public speaking, communication skills, interviewing, and networking training. Modules must be at least 20 minutes in length. Speakers must include information on the module outline and can embellish as time permits. Module PowerPoints are available for members’ only reference.


The second part of the program involves a speak-off competition held at the BPW/FL State Conference. 

The 2017 State Conference will be held June 22-24, 2017, at:
Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club
501 5th Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

A. To be eligible for the speak-off competition, a candidate must:

  • Be living, working, semi-retired or retired, training or continuing their education in the area served by the sponsoring local organization; and
  • Be a member, in current standing, of a local organization; and
  • Have completed the Individual Development Program within the preceding 3 years; and
  • Be the Local Organization Individual Development speak off winner or runner-up; and
  • Support the BPW mission and vision and legislative platform; and
  • Complete at least six modules, one of which must be BPW Overview: Why BPW? What’s in it for me/future generations? Documented completion of the modules must be provided to the state Leadership chair via the BPW/FL Individual Development Module Completion Form located in the members’ only section of this website.
  • Individual Development representatives must review the legislative platform and pledge that they will not speak against platform items in their capacities as state Individual Development representatives, if selected.

B. The selection process includes:

  • A 5-minute prepared speech.  The State Leadership and Individual Development Chairs and Individual Development committee select the Individual Development topics for the local organization speak-off. These same topics are used for the state Individual Development Speak-off. Topics are based on the current state legislative platforms, other BPW advocacy issues, and current events.  No props are allowed during the speech. Notes are allowed, however, points will be deducted if speech is read and/or the speaker is not making eye contact and engaged with the audience.

2017 ID Speak Off Questions

  1. If you ran for a political office in your community, what would your plan be, e.g., your goals, political strategy, promotion and marketing?
  2. Your job has been eliminated (due to outsourcing, a merger/acquisition or technology). How would you manage your transition to a new job or a new career?
  3. In 1920 women were granted the right to vote. How would you motivate a woman who is politically apathetic to go out and vote?
  4. What career advice would you give to a female student who receives a BPW scholarship in 2017?
  5. Millions of women around the world marched for women’s rights on January 21, 2017. How would you convert the energy demonstrated that day to concrete action?
  6. In 2019, BPW/FL will celebrate its centennial. How can we ensure that we will have something to celebrate?

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