The BPW Leadership Institute includes:

The Leadership Training that is offered includes:

  • Learning about the different styles of leadership (for example: visionary, authoritarian, coaching, democratic, delegative, etc.)
  • When to use them
  • How to work with other leadership styles
  • Evaluating your leadership skills
  • Building confidence in yourself as a leader
  • Becoming a better decision maker
  • Learning public speaking strategies
  • Negotiating skills
  • Becoming more marketable in your current or future job
  • Seeing criticism as a tool for improvement rather than as a negative
  • Being more flexible in the face of change
  • Planning ahead, focusing on the next steps
  • Taking risks – what is the right level?
  • Creating a strategic plan and/or setting goals
  • Running for elected office in my community
  • Balancing multiple volunteer organization responsibilities

The Leadership Skills Development includes:

  • Personal leadership skills
  • Professional leadership skills
  • Community leadership skills
  • BPW leadership skills