Member Spotlight: Vicki Faulkner

Member Spotlight: Vicki Faulkner

I am Vicki Faulkner. When I am not working as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I operate VF Media Solutions helping other people learn and manage technology.

When I started college in 1995, I was an English major, but I had to take a Computer Basics class and as I was hooked, I continued to study both subjects. In 1997, I moved back home to Ohio, where I worked in a bookstore full-time until I was promoted to corporate management and moved to Birmingham, AL, in January 2002 to build, open, and operate a new store. During that time, I trained new hires and other managers, along with tasks like reprogramming the chain-wide cash register system.

When that job ended, I decided that I needed to finish my schooling, so in August 2003, I moved to Morgantown, WV, to attend West Virginia University (WVU). I joined BPW/Morgantown,WV that Fall as a student member at the request of my sister, who was the LO President. I worked part-time at an educational non-profit agency working on charts, graphics, and data for the various state-wide training programs. I was also designing websites, groups, and other printables as needed. I graduated in December 2005 with a BA in Technical Writing & Editing and an almost BS in Computer/Software Engineering.

I moved to St. Petersburg, FL, in May 2006 and started working as a technical writer/editor for a software support company that creates step-by-step multimedia instruction guides. I felt I needed more, and to help a friend, I started building my Mary Kay business in February 2008, which was fortunate since my writing job was outsourced and I was laid off that same August.

Since I was often asked for help outside of work, I parlayed my knowledge into self-employment and started working for myself. As a member of BPW in Florida, I have held several positions, like Technology, Secretary, and Leadership on both the Local and State levels and currently am on several committees.

I am single, never married, with no children or pets. I enjoy watching college football and basketball and professional baseball and hockey. I enjoy traveling, especially cruises and long driving road trips.

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