Member Spotlight: Tricia Curry

Member Spotlight: Tricia Curry

Tricia Curry
Current Occupation: Mom
Company: The Curry House
Job Description: Anything and Everything that needs to get done

Tricia Curry was promoted to Mom on September 23, 2018, although she knew she was getting the promotion starting in January of 2018. She was also given an additional promotion to Second Time Mom on August 29, 2020. Tricia had been wanting this promotion, seriously, for more than a year before it became apparent that she was going to get it. There was a lot of studying done to prepare her for this new career, but she has been getting intensive on the job training since receiving this promotion.

Tricia’s day usually includes a variety of activities to help keep the sanity and peace of the household. She is in charge of the time management of her two staff members, which include tasks such as feeding, changing diapers, clothing, and cleaning. Social activities have been reduced since the beginning of quarantine, but they are starting to increase slowly over time again. She and her Co-Manager/Husband share direct responsibility for these staff members’ health and general well-being. They share in general household tasks such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, general house maintenance, etc.

Tricia has other part-time responsibilities, which include management of a Massage Therapy and Massage Therapy Education Business called Massage in Practice, as well as doing some online bookkeeping for Janssen & Igar CPAs. However, these tasks are generally done only a few hours a week, and take up only some of the off time afforded by the glamorous title Mom. Luckily, she has wonderful and understanding co-workers and professional mentors; otherwise she would have to put these tasks on the back burner completely.

Although truly happy with her new title, Tricia hopes that her responsibilities and absolutely necessary hands on hours will decrease over time, but is now realizing that that isn’t how this title works and will just have to scrape together some sort of personal activities at a later date, when there aren’t as many daily, long hours.

PS  Tricia is a member of BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas.