Member Spotlight: Suzanne Dalton (aka The Antique)

Member Spotlight: Suzanne Dalton (aka The Antique)

My BPW Journey: Young Careerist to Antique

 It all started on the first day of in kindergarten when the other students were hanging on to their mothers and crying for fear of being left alone at school. After surveying the many exciting opportunities around the room, I walked up to my Mother and said, “Well, aren’t you going to leave?” Yes, born to be BPW!

 School years in K-12 were somewhat uneventful but always loved government and current events. In college, I loved my political sciences courses but was quick to realize that a four-year degree in that area would not yield employment. I decided to specialize in the education students that were blind/visually impaired. Upon graduation, I accepted a teaching job in Sebring, Florida. You see, I was given an opportunity to start the program for blind students in Highlands County. Yes, born to be BPW!

 While teaching, school district administrators submitted my name to compete in the Young   Careerist (YC) Program for Sebring BPW. What an experience to represent the District at the state YC competition … as my hands were sweaty and my knees were shaking the entire time. What is said about the fear of pubic speaking is certainly true. Yes, I needed BPW!

 Accepting leadership positions within BPW through the years gave me the courage, skill and motivation to overcome my fear of public speaking. Advocating for women in the workplace further gave me purpose and strength … especially in the legislative arena. Did you know that prior to 1990-91, any medical doctor could read/interpret your mammogram? (Personally, I would not want a podiatrist or ophthalmologist reading my mammogram.) Yes, women need BPW!

 I will forever be indebted to the women of BPW both past and present who so selflessly guided me on my journey from Sebring BPW to Downtown Tampa BPW to BPW/Florida. The phrase “Pay it Forward” was not coined by BPW but it is what BPW has been doing since 1919. It is your turn to “Pay it Forward” to the generation that follows you! Yes, we are born to be BPW!!!

 Signed, Suzanne Dalton (aka The Antique)