Member Spotlight: Ruth Hoock

Member Spotlight: Ruth Hoock

Ruth Hoock

I am a native Floridian and started working while in high school at Mease Hospital in Dunedin as a nurse’s aide. After graduating high school, I attended the St. Petersburg Junior College. At that time I still was not sure what career I wanted to pursue and finally graduated from the Florida College of Medical and Dental Assistants in Tampa. My first job was with a multi-specialty medical clinic—what an experience; I had the opportunity of a lifetime working with a cardiologist, a pulmonary specialist, a gastroenterologist, family physicians and internal medicine doctors. That clinic closed when physicians wanted to be in private practices and I chose family practice where I worked for three years before moving to an Urgent Care Center. I loved the excitement of walk–in emergencies but not the administration that ran the center, so I went back to family medicine.

I am proud to say that one of my purposes in life is to help make physicians successful. My specialty is starting medical practices for new physicians or physicians who never had a private practice. I am currently on # 6, Dr. Derek Polecritti. Dr. Derek Polecritti joined The Institute of Plastic Surgery, which started its practice in 2010, and is this year’s sponsor of “Support the Girls”.

Numbers 4 and 5 are Dr. Marc Polecritti and Dr. Kristien Polecritti, two of the most successful practices that I have helped start and both voted #1 in their categories for best practices.

My philosophy for a successful practice is to treat patients like you want your family treated; if you achieve this goal, you are providing the highest quality of medical care and also providing the support to the physician that they need to have a successful relationship in the community and to their patients.

I have been a member of BPW for 11 years and have held many positions with local and state including past president of Hernando County. I do feel that all the BPW sisters are a family and support one another when needed. I look forward to continuing my membership and support for the great causes we support and the camaraderie we have.