Member Spotlight: Melinda Van Fleet

Member Spotlight: Melinda Van Fleet

My husband Ryan and I moved to The Florida Keys in 2009 after we both lost our jobs simultaneously. Does anyone remember what it was like in Florida? I can sum it up, quiet. It was the middle of the recession. We stayed in Fort Myers for three weeks before finding our place in Tavernier. When we were in Fort Myers, we didn’t see anyone for two days. It was freaky!

When we landed in The Keys, it was October, off-season. To say, shifting from a successful corporate career in major cities (NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis) to a small-town vibe in a recession was depressing would be an understatement. There were plenty of tears and I often asked, “Was moving to The Keys a mistake?”

Then by some grace, following the bread crumbs led me to the Upper Keys BPW (Business & Professional Women). Thank you, Holly Raschein and Audra Hill! I finally felt like I found a female organization that was not only friendly and welcoming but organized and fun!

Isn’t there a famous quote from Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Make sure they are good people! I am so grateful to BPW!

Now, after 12 years as a multi-million dollar sales rep and building a successful charter fishing business with my husband (Good Karma Sportfishing), I am a Sales Strategy & Success Coach for Businesswomen. This year I authored and fully self-published two bestselling books— Confidence Mastery for Couples- Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship and Life & Love Lessons- How to Discover Confidence Through Your Spiritual Journey. I am also a weekly dual podcast host (The Good Karma Success Coach and Crush It In Sales) and a speaker.

My passion is working with women so they can fulfill their dreams and feel good at the same time!

Connect on FB, LI or IG @melinda_vanfleet or through my website

Both books are available on Amazon in paperback, eBook, and Audible.