Member Spotlight: Diane Dewey

Member Spotlight: Diane Dewey

Hello, BPW Sisters,

Right now, in times of Covid, there’s an unwanted edge to everything – the impossibility of gathering for happy hour or having a BPW meeting at home the way we once did.  But we can Drop In together.  Dropping In is the name of my weekly radio show and podcast, where I interview primarily women who are making a difference in the world.  It’s a chance to connect, learn about alternative perspectives and enjoy a communal spirit from the safety of a laptop.  Here is the Link to the most recent episode about a modern ninja warrior, a woman trained in ancient self-defense skills who has a remarkable outlook on life.  Oh, and she writes crime fiction!  Her Lily Wong series is spirited.

I came to be a podcaster by chance.  Voice America Internet Talk Radio, which broadcasts all over the world, interviewed me for my book, Fixing the Fates.  That interview led to a meeting with the show’s producers and over the course of a summer, the concept for Dropping In was born.  I should mention that I stole the name for the show:  A friend lamented to me about the days when we could just ‘drop in’ on one another.  That, and the process of dropping in that is used in yoga, where you drop into yourself, inspired me.  It’s strong individuals who weave diversity, so the subject is identity.

Becoming an author in 2019 to becoming a podcaster in 2020 feels logical, as the human voice is a conduit, the sound of stories around a campfire.  My husband Peter listens every week and gives me his all too honest feedback.  Luckily, our rescue dachshund Artie just wags his tail upon being released from his crate during broadcast hour, at 11:00 AM ET every Friday.  And you can find me on or Instagram @dianedewey1.

The boring stuff:  My career really got started when I relocated from Philadelphia to New York City in 1990 to work at the Guggenheim Museum during its dynamic decade of expansion.  From there, I moved to Connecticut to be with my new husband, Peter, and founded my own art appraisal business, The Realization of Art – which didn’t fare so well when we transferred to St. Petersburg in 2010.  We were immediately besieged with visits from my two stepdaughters, family and friends, so I didn’t actually notice until that fall when I returned to graduate school for my Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling.  My goal was to counsel adopted children, of which I was one.  Meeting my biological father in 2002 propelled me to come to grips with the impact of reunion and adoption itself and is the subject of my memoir.  But counseling wasn’t meant to be.  I got serious about my writing, a first love.

Throughout these transitions, I was supported by my meaningful relationships with sisters in BPW.