Member Spotlight: Deborah “Debbe” Ryan

Member Spotlight: Deborah “Debbe” Ryan

Deborah “Debbe” Ryan, BPW/FL Secretary 2021-2022

Debbe has been involved with BPW/FL for more than 30 years.  She graduated from Valencia Community College (now Valencia College) with two associate degrees, both in the arts and sciences.  She majored in Medical Laboratory Technology, but an illness kept her from pursuing that profession.

For more than 40 years she was in various marketing/PR/advertising positions, in government, higher education, and the non-profit sector.  Debbe worked on long- and short-term contracts for agencies like NASA plus in the private sector for Educational Computer Corporation, Boeing, Martin-Marietta, and other Fortune 500 companies.  Between contracts Debbe handled public relations responsibilities for St. James Cathedral, Seminole Volunteer Enterprises, and Computers for Kids charity.  In addition, Debbe did field advance for former President Jimmy Carter’s 1976 and 1980 campaigns.  She says that she is now “happily retired.”

During her tenure with BPW she has served in all local organization positions except for Treasurer, was both Assistant District Director and then District Director for District 5, served as State Public Relations Chair, BPW/FL Secretary and then BPW/FL 2nd Vice-President.  She also served on the BPW/FL Education Foundation.  Additionally Debbe was a BPW/FL Individual Development winner.  Today Debbe is a BPW/FL member-at-large.

Debbe’s hobbies and interests are embroidery, politics, fencing (with swords, not plywood!), art, gardening, and helping others.  Debbe collects political memorabilia.  She currently serves on the Board of the Orange County Democratic Party, Democratic Women’s Club of South Orange County, and the Winter Park Benevolent Association.