Member Spotlight: Cindi Irwin

Member Spotlight: Cindi Irwin

Hello BPW Members,

I am writing to you from the BPW/FL virtual office as your new business manager, and this is a little bit about me.

I am a native Floridian, born and raised in the Florida Keys.  I grew up as a typical barefoot Keys kid. I lived in the water, so much so that I often dreamt I could breathe underwater.  It was so easy in my dream, why hadn’t I done this before?  My parents owned and operated a Marina.  My brother and sister and I gassed up boats, sold bait, played in the shrimp tank, and had access to an endless supply of candy, soda, and bait.  We often rendezvoused with friends on an island to barbeque, and at night with no light pollution or car noise, we would gaze up at a billion stars.  It was small-town quiet living.

After high school, I found the mountains calling me.  For 30 years, I lived on the west coast, experiencing more of the beautiful outdoors: snow-skiing, pacific coast sunsets, and backpacking in the mountains.  I managed a couple years of college, but as a single mom my focus was on my children and paying the bills.  Their success and making their volleyball and basketball games were more important to me.  I returned to the Keys 10 years ago and continued raising two wonderful daughters, both earning master’s degrees and becoming women I’m very proud of.  Brooklyn now lives in Tampa, and Laura lives in Miami.  I live in Key Largo with my boyfriend, and I have family here and up the east coast.

My professional background includes 15 years in the banking industry and various bookkeeping and office management positions.  In my heart, though, I think I am a researcher/scientist.  I love solving puzzles, and I am fascinated by the human condition.  This drew me to earn certifications in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching.  One of my favorite quotes is by the late Christopher Peterson, a founder of Positive Psychology, who summed up in three words our pursuit of what makes a good life, “Other people matter.”  I reflect on that quote often, a powerful statement that touches every aspect of our humanity.

In addition to working for BPW/FL, I also provide virtual office administration and bookkeeping for our VP, Ilja Chapman, in her business, Voyage Blue Travel, and for Travel Resources Group.  I am a new member of BPW/Upper Keys, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of our members.

Voyage Blue Travel
Travel Resources Group
BPW/FL email:
Cell: 509-421-1345