Member Spotlight: Christine Quigley

Member Spotlight: Christine Quigley

I grew up in a small town called Eastchester about an hour north of New York City.  Everyone knew everyone in this town.  During high school, I was extremely social, not necessarily being part of the “in” crowd…. I was part of every crowd. It didn’t matter if you were a jock, nerd, stoner or trouble maker, I was your friend.  Shortly after graduating high school, I knew I wanted to be continue to be in with everyone and knew helping everyone succeed financially was what I was meant to do. This is when I began my successful career in banking.

I was eager and in a management position by the age of 23. I was working with all clients from big and small businesses, to large and small home owners. I was doing exactly what I set out to do, to help everyone, to be a friend, and to provide guidance in the financial world. When I moved to Florida in 1995, I somewhat took a fresh start and started over. I took a teller position at a small bank that I could learn from and grow with.  I didn’t want the stress of a big bank, enjoying the community feel at a smaller bank, where every customer was a friend and mattered.

I had my two sons in two years before my career started to take off in a different direction. I became the assistant to the Commercial Lender and Area President. This led to me becoming the Commercial Lender about five years later. It was a huge success for me. I was lending money for huge developments, grand new hotels, and large retail centers. I was very successful at lending to all the growing home builders….. until that day the real estate bubble blew up. It didn’t just bust! It blew up!! For the next few years I tried to work out payment options, foreclosures, short sales and deferments, until the bank eliminated my position.

It was not until the last six years that I really found my passion again. I am now one of the most successful lenders at Brannen Bank. I specialize in construction/perm loans but can facilitate all borrowing needs. I work with every applicant to find the best program for their particular need. Banking is the only industry I have ever been a part of.  So for more than 35 years I have been a boring banker, doing what I love doing!!

I have been a member of BPW/Hernando County since October 2015. I have served as Treasurer and worked on all the committees or fundraisers. This year, I am working on the education scholarship committee, which I found inspiring and rewarding. The scholarship committee gives you the opportunity to read motivating essays from high school students just beginning their path of life. If that wasn’t enough, I also have the opportunity to read essays from courageous women returning to school to further their education. BPW/Hernando County gave me the opportunity to rate and help in the selection process of the scholarship winners. The gratitude and enjoyment from serving on the committee has put a shine to my membership with the local organization.