Member Spotlight: Amy Dinovo

Member Spotlight: Amy Dinovo

Amy Dinovo
(727) 420-3317

At some point in the late 90s my longtime friend Tami Simms asked me to come help her set up a fundraiser for BPW. I had no idea it would lead to a lifelong relationship, 16 years and counting as a member, in an organization that feeds my passion for women’s rights, community engagement, philanthropy and professional development. BPW has given me a safe and supportive place to learn from, engage with, and develop into a businesswoman of whom my foremothers would be proud.

You know the expression “the Devil is in the Details?” Well, I dance with the Devil every day. I’ve been practicing good customer service since my first job working for The St. Pete Bagel Company at age 15. And whether I was selling bagels, ladies apparel, destinations, education or anything else, my passion was always finding out as much as I could to anticipate and be ready for any questions that might come my way. I’d pour over information and gather resources so that even if I had to say “I don’t know,” I could follow it up with “but I’ll find out.”

For almost 2 decades, I’ve been a part of a successful real estate team that depends on me to manage the details of our transactions, our listings and create systems to help us manage all the details necessary to be productive. Technology has really helped me to find ways to save time and be more efficient, so as of 2016, I also work with others outside my team to help them achieve their goals both in and out of real estate. I’ve spent time developing systems and relationships with vendors of all sorts, so that my clients can spend more time building relationships with their clients. My clients include non-profits, printers, massage therapists, CPAs, bars and individuals across the spectrum. Whether it’s managing all that paperwork, researching the best solution or developing consistent, effective marketing materials, I can handle it for you.

My life in St. Petersburg is made complete with my phenomenal husband, our adorable cat, amazing friends both in and out of BPW, and an ever-growing collection of sci-fi and pop-culture memorabilia.