Member Spotlight: Amanda Cummins

Member Spotlight: Amanda Cummins

Amanda C. Cummins, Esq.
AC Cummins Law
Probate and Estate Planning Attorney

I earned my bachelor’s degree in History from Florida State University and my Juris Doctorate from FAMU College of Law.  Attending FAMU was a lifechanging experience for me.  I learned immeasurable life and professional lessons from the faculty and made lifelong friendships.  I later earned an LLM in Elder Law from Stetson.

I joined the Marine Corps in 2011.  Some of my jobs included Legal Assistance Attorney and Prosecutor.  In Legal Assistance, I helped servicemembers, veterans, and their families with landlord-tenant, consumer, family, and estate planning issues.  One of my favorite experiences was working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to help stop businesses that prey on servicemembers.  In prosecution, I handled a large number of cases that included drug offenses, property offenses, military offenses, and special victims cases.  After working with victims of sexual violence and computer crimes against children, I wanted a change of scenery.  I was medically retired from the Marine Corps in 2018 and thought I would never practice law again.

I transitioned to education and teach Intro to Law and Peer Counseling at John Hopkins Middle School in St. Petersburg.  After the pandemic hit, I had to take a year off of teaching due to my medical conditions.  It was during that time that I found myself back in the practice of law, this time helping people prepare for end-of-life planning.

I currently enjoy having the flexibility of working in the law part-time and working with the community full-time.  My clientele typically involves people who don’t quite qualify for legal aid but would otherwise be unable to access an attorney based on their income.  I handle mostly probate, estate planning, and some consumer and family issues.

Like most millennials, I am obsessed with plants!  I have a large collection of house plants and enjoy gardening outside.  I also have a lifelong love of companion animals.  I have two dogs, three cats, 10 chickens, two turtles that I hatched from eggs, and one fish.

I am a member of BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas.


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