BPW/FL Breast Cancer Fund Donations

Helping Others Through One of the Toughest Times in a Person’s Life

Most of us have been touched by breast cancer.  Mother, sister, daughter, friend–we all know someone who has suffered this horrible disease. When a person is diagnosed, it is one of the scariest times of their life. Thousands of questions flash through their mind. One that flashes through everyone’s mind is “How am I going to pay for this”. That is a questions we can all do something about to make a difference.

At BPW/FL we offer a small but heartfelt bit of financial assistance to anyone suffering from breast cancer. These funds may be disbursed to a member or non-member who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, or who has been diagnosed with a high risk of breast cancer, or who has had a questionable mammogram requiring further testing and is a resident of the state of Florida. All that is needed is a BPW/FL member in good standing submit a request here.

To help us fund this please make a donation today by filling out the form below.

Breast Cancer Fund Donation

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