BPW/FL Political Action Committee (PAC)

Our PAC is the political arm of our organization which seeks to elect candidates who are supportive of our issues and our Public Policy Platform; it is a separate legal entity apart from our federation or foundation.

The BPW/FL PAC is supported solely by voluntary contributions from our BPW members. We only can accept contributions from our individual members; no business contributions may be accepted even if the business is solely owned by a BPW/FL member. Our PAC is governed by Florida Election Commission Rules.


BPW/FL mission statement:

To achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information

How do we achieve equity?

  • By advocating for the passage, or defeat, of legislation impacting women’s finances and position in the workplace.
  • By being informed about pending legislation both in Washington and Tallahassee.
  • By expressing our opinion to our legislators about our position on legislation.
  • By electing legislators who share our values.

The endorsement process

  • Many candidates seek our endorsement which they may use in their campaign literature.
  • To be endorsed, either the local organization may start the process by requesting the candidate to complete our endorsement packet (see link below for the packet) or our BPW/FL PAC may contact candidates directly.
  • The forms include a statement that the candidate supports the issues on our Public Policy Platform.
  • Once a candidate has been endorsed by the BPW/FL PAC, individual members may not in the name of BPW speak nor work against that candidate but are of course free to vote for any candidate.
  • Endorsement by our PAC merely is “stamp” that the candidate is supportive of our issues but there may be other factors that are important to you when you cast your ballot.

BPW/FL PAC Guidelines   icon for pdf document BPW PAC Guidelines

BPW/FL PAC Contribution Form  icon for pdf document BPW PAC Contribution Form


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