2021 BPW/FL Annual Conference

When: June 17 – 20, 2021
Where: Wesley Chapel, FL
Hotel: Saddlebrook Resort


To make your reservation, call 813-973-1111.  The room block will be held until May 18, though early reservations are suggested as the room block may sell out.


Rates are $159+ for one bedroom suites and $229+ for two bedroom suites.  Valet parking for one car per room is included.  Based on availability, these room rates are good for three days before and three days after conference.


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Details About Education Programs on Friday, June 18, 2021

Attend either in person or via Zoom.

Keynote Speaker

“The Ability to Influence Others”, Steve Hopper: Success in business and life is greatly dependent on our ability to influence others. In this powerful keynote speech Steve gives the audience 7 keys to becoming a person of influence. The audience will be empowered to perform at a higher level and identify the areas of life where they can improve to play at the level they were designed to play at!


“The Art of Conflict Resolution”, Lorraine Lane: Simplicity of a framework or map to help navigate the dark woods of conflict is the focus of this workshop. It’s time to develop the skill of smart engagement for resolution, resolution that takes courage, intention and moxie! It’s time to stop suffering the effects of conflicts that never get resolved.




“How To Have Unshakeable Confidence”, Shiobhan Olivero: Do you have unshakeable self-confidence in some areas of your life, but find you have no confidence in other areas? I spent the last few years on self-development, self-improvement, and really studying the area of confidence building. I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned, and how YOU can bring that unshakeable confidence to all areas of your life.



“Finding Truth in the News”, Caryn Baird: This workshop covering how to discern facts from opinions in news reporting. You will learn how to locate people, court records and dig into archives. Caryn Baird will present a practical working model of public records research and will leave attendees with a list of 30+ free resources.




“Gender and Racial Equity”, Renee Baker: Race and gender are social constructs that reflect societal prejudices that continue to permeate society. Inequality based on gender and race persists globally and has social, economic, and political implications, which are compounded and complicated by many challenges. Dialogue around these issues is intended to increase awareness for understanding and action.



“Transitions—From the Battlefield to the Boardroom”, Mercy Ameyaw: Life is a battlefield! In order to survive it, you need to come armed with the right equipment, strategies and support. This session will cover a few essential key elements to implementing a successful plan so that you can not only survive, but actually win the battle.





BPW/FL Leadership Workshops

“BPW History”, Jerri Evans: This leadership module is based on the orientation module of the BPW Individual Development series and will present information on the history of BPW.  You will learn about the origination of BPW and some of the milestones of the last 102 years.

“Smart Talk: How Leaders Communicate”, Robyn Winters: Your ability to keep listeners connected and involved can be greatly enhanced by understanding how the brain’s 4 Thinking Styles help you to speak and write the way others thinknot just the way you think. Using the proven Herrmann Brain Dominance communication model (HBDI), you will increase your ability to connect with everyone with whom you communicate.

“Crucial Communication”, Charlotte Edwards: Often, we enter a discussion to deliver a message, to prove a point or get others to do what we want. Issues arise because each party focuses on their own agenda and viewpoint. Learn the skills and steps to handle difficult discussions in a way that fosters understanding and effective problem-solving.

“Navigating the Rules”, Mary Giddens: This session takes a look at rules that govern and will provide helpful tips for finding the source and limits of their powers.

“How to Read a Budget”, Sue Banks: The success of an organization or business is reported in their financial statements. Comparing actual revenues and expenses incurred during the year against the respective projected budgets and making necessary adjustments in operations ensures that success. This workshop will enable you to understand what the numbers mean.

“Creating Future Leaders”, Charlotte Edwards: The pathway to growing an organization is to grow its leaders. An organization’s growth depends upon the growth of its team, and the more people you lead, the more leaders you need. Discover tools to maximize the abilities of those around you and empower others to exercise their influence for the benefit of the organization.